Mark D.- Moon Disco Album Review

Moon Disco

Everybody on the Dance Floor! MOON DISCO starts at 6:30 pm and well…. into the night.

First Impressionistic Review:

Just as the title suggests, Moon Disco is spacey disco music. This musical outing is from Mark D. (Mark Dmowski), the main creative force behind the alternative music band Higher Love. From the title track to the disco that starts at 6:30 pm through mixes to the disco at 9:45 pm., the album is set for the dance floor with its full-on, upfront rhythms and organic keyboard work.

The album does have a strong and catchy foundation. However, the building somehow doesn’t seem complete to me. It is not that music needs to be filled in with layer upon layer of intricately arranged music to be evocative. From my point of view, this kind of musical approach would have been better with more information. Here the slight problem is that the music would lean more towards the chilled out clubs or airports where you can experience the sounds but fails to do anything beyond becoming a background score for some sophisticated couples just swaying to the music. If that was intentional, then it is a fine effort. However, if attention grabbing was the intention, then it misses the “mark”. But, it can be reworked and infused with more flesh for a potential skeleton.

On Second Thoughts… rather On Second Listen:

This music needs to be listened to again to appreciate its arrangement. It sounds better than first time. It needs some psychedelic lights to go along with the music though for complete effect. This would work better if more songs are included to go along with them. Actually more non-instrumental and atmospheric songs would help the existing instrumental tracks to be appreciated more. That’s my conclusion because they all feel like they can fit into a larger, more conceptual theme. That would make this album/collection stronger.

This is music to be listened to at night or when it is dark and cloudy outside (like how it is now). It can be played during summertime but would only be truly effective in a theatre or an underground club setting. Daylight will overshadow the musical nature of this work. But that’s just me on a particular day. I cannot speak for the majority. Nevertheless, I feel that fans of 80s club and underground music, trance music lovers and DJs in general would pick up on such music. The average Joe Public would still be dancing to this totally ignorant of what is happening… but does it really matter? Music is never meant to be analysed, just experienced.

– A Review by Jill Bat

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